Our Story and What We Do

Where it all began

Luke Doherty, Owner and Managing Director of SYS3, first entered the world of IT back in 1998 when he began working for a local Internet provider in Colchester, Essex. Initially focused on support, he moved onto sales and development. Moving around all areas of the business, Luke soon developed an interest in building and upgrading computer hardware. ​

It didn’t take long for Luke to see the potential in setting up a business that could provide ALL the IT services an SME would need and in 2001, 3 short years later, SYS3 was established.

What We Do

SYS3 specialise in a wide range of IT services and solutions for the smallest to the largest of businesses, bundled with our unrivalled support services to ensure continuity and simplicity for our customers. ​

Simply put, SYS3 provide modern and reliable services at a reasonable price without making things complicated.

We aim to understand our customers on an individual level so that we can provide a tailored service that best fits your business and budget.

Why Choose Us

Our success and reputation over the last 20 years has led to many of our customers now seeing us as their “outsourced IT department.” With in-house professionals being a costly overhead for many businesses, SYS3 are a great alternative to going it alone and risking costly mistakes. ​

We are a hands on, client-facing company with customer service a number one priority. We forge relationships with our customers, resulting in partnerships spanning over 15 years. ​

We don’t outsource. We carry out all aspects of our work ourselves, from helpdesk calls to detailed on-site installations. We have a trusted network of businesses and experts at our disposal, allowing us to call on additional resources when needed to make sure our customers always receive the exceptional support we’re known for.


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