Strengthening Defences Against Ransomware

Protecting your organisation from cybercrime is a priority for everyone in your business, not the sole responsibility of your IT department or CISO, as it also falls on the shoulders of all employees to be vigilant.

The Independent reports that while high profile ransomware attacks, such as the Colonial Pipeline attack in the US that caused fuel shortages, attacks still persist, and it is vital that your organisation strengthens its defences against ransomware attacks. We have a look at some tips to help protect your business.

Delivering security as a distributed service

To protect the anywhere workforce, regardless of the devices and networks workers are using, deliver endpoint and network controls as a distributed service that follows the assets being protected throughout the environment.

Prioritising visibility

Better visibility over endpoints and workloads can provide contextual insight and situational intelligence to help defenders prioritise and remediate risk with confidence.

Conducting regular threat hunting

Multistage ransomware campaigns aim to access networks undetected, but regular threat hunting can help detect silent incursions and the presence of hackers by spotting anomalous behaviour.

Keeping monitoring ‘quiet’ to avoid counter-incident response

It would be wise to assume that hackers will have multiple points of entry, so watch and wait before taking any action, such as blocking malware or terminating systems, until you fully understand all possible points of re-entry.

Engage with an incident response partner

No matter how stringent your defects, it is still a case of when not if your organisation will be attacked, so it is vital that you are prepared. By teaming up with an incident response partner, you can develop a plan to put into action when required.

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    Backing up is VITAL!

    Backing up should be everyones top priority. All too often we see businesses decide to start backing up the wrong side of a costly hard drive disaster or data breach.

    With viruses and malware now capable of causing so much, often irreversible, damage, a substantial backup is imperative. If you’re infected with ransomware, a recent backup often the only way to get you back up and running.

    Why offsite backup and not a removable hard drive?

    Preferably both! But never just a hard drive. Why? Hard drives can fail. It’s as simple as that. Ransomware infections can also creep onto hard drives if they’re left plugged into an infected machine. 

    ​SYS3 use the most reliable and intelligent backup solutions on the market to ensure that our customers’ data is kept secure.

    Why buy your hardware from SYS3?

    Years ago, SYS3 started out by building and supplying custom computer hardware. We know our stuff.

    We keep up with the latest in technology so we are able to provide our customers with the best possible equipment without breaking the bank. Whether you need a new server, laptop, printer or network switch, we’ll always provide you with a variety of options and recommendations to suit your business needs.

    The more advanced technology becomes, the more advanced the bad guys become. Gone are the days when attackers were easy to spot in a badly worded email.

    ​Did you know you can get an infection just by hovering your mouse over a dodgy website banner? Worse? Traditional antivirus products cannot protect you against everything.

    ​Human error is still largely responsible for infections and viruses but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the best protection possible to safeguard your employees and ultimately, your business.

    ​Partnered with Heimdal, SYS3 provide market-leading protection that is proactive, not reactive like traditional antivirus.


    Spam email makes up 70% of ALL email traffic across the world and social engineering means scammers can directly target key employees. Is your job title on social media?

    Over 60% of breaches are caused by human error. Are you confident that your staff are fully trained to spot email-borne threats and avoid falling victim?

    How SYS3 can help

    Just one click has the potential to grind your entire business to a halt and generate a costly bill to put right. What makes things worse is that email viruses are now incredibly clever, highly convincing, and can be very difficult to spot.

    ​Our priority is to make sure our customers are supported and protected as much as possible. 99% of our customers have adopted our mail filtering service and it comes highly recommended. It’s the first line of defence and a vital tool.


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